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The Branding & Web Design Process


 The process is broken into two parts.

I bet you can guess what they are…

branding & web.


Part 1:

The Branding Process

  1. You select the package
    An invoice will be generated and 35% is due to begin the project

  2. I send you the brand clarity and web design worksheets

  3. Once you send the completed worksheets back I spend about a week working on the designs
    I play with colours, typography, logos and marks and create the visual elements for your brand.

  4. You spend 2-3 days with the designs
    Sitting with them, feeling them out and making notes for revisions. 
    While you’re doing that I begin the web design process by creating the site map and drawing up the initial designs in black and white.

  5. You send back your revisions for the designs.
    I make one round of edits and send the revised designs back in a PDF.

  6. You approve the designs
    20% of remaining invoice is due

  7. I send you the full brand package
    Including all the branding elements and the brand usage guidelines.

- End of Branding -

Part 2:

The Web Design Process

  1. I add the brand elements and placeholder content to the site design and send you a PDF version of the site

  2. We have a virtual meeting to discuss the site so far
    We talk about the flow, the placement of things, the way users interact and discuss any revisions you’d like to make

  3. I make the revisions to the designs and begin building in Squarespace

  4. You send all of the content you’d like me to upload to the site
    Including photos and copy. 
    20% of the remaining invoice is due

  5. I upload the content and send you a hidden version of the site
    This allows you to interact with it and get a feel for the flow and the way users will experience your site.
    You make notes for revisions.

  6. I make one round of changes to the site

  7. The remaining 25% of the invoice is due
    Once that has been paid I transfer ownership of the site to you and we hit publish!

- End of Web -


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