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Whether you need help with the visual aspects of your brand, the digital ones or are completely transforming what you do, I’m here to provide you with all the support you need.

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An intentionally crafted brand is the combination of visual elements, messages, and experiences you offer that are so in line with who you are that there's no question your brand is an extension of you.

With the full branding experience we take your idea and turn it into a well thought out, structured, and visually appealing brand. Together we create a comprehensive design brief that includes all of the information we need in order to create and launch the perfect brand for your ideal client. Who’s your ideal client? We’re going to figure that out!

Once the design brief has been created and we know exactly how everything is going to be structured, it’s time to bring the visual parts of your brand to life. Using the design brief and the information I’ve gleaned from you as we’ve developed our working relationship I take that information and create the visual representation of you, your brand and everything that you stand for.

Web Design

A well designed and thoughtfully built site should be able to evoke feelings of connectedness to the person behind the business; it should offer an experience unique to the brand, and it should have a flow that creates a story while people navigate through its pages.

If you want your website to take people on an adventure, tell your story, and communicate your messages you need it to be designed and built by someone who pours as much passion into creating it as you pour into running your business.

You have the message, let me help you share it.

Depending on the needs of you and your business your site will be created using either Squarespace, Shopify, or ShowIt.

Total Trans-formation

Maybe it was a major life event or maybe it was more of a subtle yet deep shift, but for whatever reason you and your brand don’t feel like you’re in alignment anymore. I want to help you change that. 

More than just a rebrand, the Total Transformation takes into account all of the things you’ve learned about yourself and your business and helps you apply those changes to your brand.

In the Total Transformation we’ll rework your visual identity, redesign your website, make sure that all your services are in alignment with what you want to be offering and we’ll shake up anything that’s holding you back or keeping you small.

Completely overhauling your brand can feel overwhelming and scary. I've been there, I know. But at no point during The Total Transformation process will you ever be alone. We go into it together and from beginning to end we stay connected to make sure that everything always feels right. Supporting and empowering you throughout the process is just as important to me as creating the new look and feel for your brand.

Virtual Assistant Services

Every now and then we all need some magic in our lives. My magic happens to come in the form of digital wizardry. This means that if you’re struggling with maintaining your website, need some help creating templates in line with your brand, or would just like the comfort of having someone who knows some things sit next to you while you figure out how to use your new software, I can help.

Allow me to relieve you of your digital woes so that you can pour yourself into doing the work you really love.

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Not totally sure yet? That’s ok too! I offer a free 30 minute consult in person or via Zoom so that we can get to know each other a bit and chat about what exactly it is that you’re looking for.
Schedule a virtual meeting here, or an in person one here.

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