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Photography allows us to tell stories, communicate messages and preserve our memories. Whether you’re looking for brand photos for your website, content for your social profiles, need a special event documented, or want some family memories preserved forever I would be honoured to be your photographer.


Lifestyle & Branding

The Lifestyle & Branding package starts at $175. It includes a 1-hour shoot and a minimum of 20 high-res, fully edited photos that can be used for both web and print.

Each additional hour is $100.

Summer Shoot Special


50 minutes.

50 photos.


One of my favourite ways to create magic is by getting behind the camera and capturing people in their element doing what it is they love and what makes them feel free.

With so many people filling their summer with things they love I thought why not combine our passions and co-create some magic!

For the rest of the summer I’m offering 50 minute sessions for $150. You’ll get a gallery of 50 fully edited images that you can use in whatever way you choose and will have the opportunity to connect with yourself in a whole new way.

You get an experience & photos.

I get to explore my craft.

We both get to play!


Event Photography

Every event is unique and because of that each event package is custom created. To get a quote for photography for your event please please get in touch using the form below.