My Own Total Transformation

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Having recently gone through a personal transformation of sorts, I know how wrong it can feel to pour yourself into a brand that no longer feels like it represents you. 

When I started Emily Johnson Design Co a few months ago I was fresh out of school, excited at the wide openness of my future and eager to take on any and all projects that came my way. But life changed and my perspectives shifted and when I came back to this business, even though I’d only been away for a couple of months I felt like a completely different person than the one I’d been when I started. Translating those feelings into words and design elements, however, was hard. I knew I needed to change things but I didn’t know what I needed to do differently in order to make things feel aligned. 

I needed a me. 

I needed someone who understood how unbelievably overwhelming the changes felt, who also had an eye for design that could listen to me and translate what I was saying into design elements and who could help me find my voice as this new person and as a business. 

I needed a me so I stepped up as me and I did it for me.

I think the best services a business can offer are the ones that are born out someone saying, “I need a me.” 

When you can identify that you are powerful enough to help yourself out of a situation or that you’re exactly what you need for a specific job, you experience empowerment on a whole new level. You know you can offer this service to someone else because you know first hand just how great you are at it. As Harry Potter so eloquently put it after casting his first powerful Patronus spell, “I knew I could do it this time, because... well, because I'd already done it!”

That’s how I feel about the Total Transformation.

I know that it’s scary and it feels like a lot. I know it can be frustrating going back over things you feel like you just finally got a grip on. But when you get back in alignment with your brand you’re going to realize that together you and your brand totally freaking rock. You’re going to be louder and prouder about what you do and what you offer and you’re going to be stoked when people ask you to send them your info and links. If right now you’re kind of pissed at your brand for not being more like you maybe we need to chat, because I think I can help!

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