Once we get into the realm of self-titling ourselves things start feeling a bit less comfortable. The answer to one of the most commonly asked questions is now going to lead to a follow up question and both of the answers might be met with some judgement. That can feel scary.

But what might be even scarier is the idea of a title keeping us restricted so that we can’t do what it is we’re meant to be doing. 

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My Own Total Transformation

When you can identify that you are powerful enough to help yourself out of a situation or that you’re exactly what you need for a specific job, you experience empowerment on a whole new level. You know you can offer this service to someone else because you know first hand just how great you are at it. As Harry Potter so eloquently put it after casting his first powerful Patronus spell, “I knew I could do it this time, because... well, because I'd already done it!”

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