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The Branding & Web Design Package

Because there’s no point in creating one without the other.

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What it is

The branding and web design package is an 8-week intensive for you and your brand.

In the first half of the container we dive into the who, what, why and how of your brand; the language your brand uses; your competition and your expanders, and then use all of that information to craft the visuals to  represent your brand.

Once the branding is solidified we create a web presence that gives you and your brand the space you both need to share your offerings with the world.


How it works

I work with 3 people every 8 weeks.

In that time we develop your brand, craft its visuals, and launch your site.

Once the site has been launched and your brand has been built we can either continue working together with me as your virtual assistant or, if you’re ready to fly solo, we go our separate ways (you’re still always welcome to reach out at any time for help or to just hi!)


Who I Work With

We'll be a match if...

You’re passionate about what you do

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what title you have. If you’re stoked about what you’re doing and know that it’s what you’re here to be doing, we’re going to make magic together.

You have a vision for what you want

You don’t need to have every detail and goal mapped out before we get started. But you do need to know that the brand and the business we’re about to build together is going to go somewhere. As long as you believe it, we can make it happen.

You’re ready to invest

In yourself, your brand, and your business. You understand that building a brand is more than just picking colours and typing out your name in a fancy font and you’ve played with enough build-it-yourself website platforms to know you don’t want to do this alone.

You’re ready to be seen and take up space

There’s no more hiding. Not behind titles that weigh you down or behind screens where you think you can’t be seen. Embarking on this together means we’re pulling you out from the shadows and shining light on all sparkly bits. Be prepared though, coming into yourself can often times mean getting familiar with resistance and learning how to move through the parts of the process that don’t feel comfortable or familiar.


 The Investment

$3150 CAD

Books are currently open for September 2019.