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I’m Emily.

A “behind-the-scenes wizard who offers unparalleled digital support.”

But that’s a bit long for a business card and is definitely going to leave people with too many questions.

What I really do boils down to this: I provide UNPARALLELED digital and design support to passionate people (mostly women) who have a strong message to share and whose time is better spent building their empire.

Combining my love for technology with my passion for creativity is why I got started. I’ve since realized that I’m supposed to be doing this for a completely different reason;

My gift lies in my ability to CONNECT with people and give them the exact kind of support they need when they need it most. That support looks different for everyone and depending on where you’re at in life and in your business the way we work together is going to be unique. Maybe it will come in the form of a fully developed and thoughtfully designed brand but it might also come in the form of hours spent together hashing out the details of your total brand transformation.

When we embark on this creative adventure together you’re going to get more than just a thoughtfully designed logo or a user-friendly website;

You’re going to be held throughout the process and supported while you navigate the not-so fun digital aspects of your business.

I tune in.

One of the first things you’ll notice about me when we meet is that I’m quiet - I observe and I listen. This means that when we work together you’re heard and you’re seen. We have real conversations about what you want for your business and how you want it to be represented. 

Using my introvert super powers and my digital wizardry I take in all your subtleties and transform them into design elements to be used throughout your brand. It’s those unique elements that then set you apart from the crowd.

we connect.

One of the most important parts of working together is our relationship. I want to connect with you and develop a trusting relationship so that I can really understand you and you get to know me.

When we work together we enter a partnership, and partners work best with each other when they know that there’s trust.

your work. how you want it. fast

When you ask for something, I’m on it.

I don’t sleep with my phone in my hand or my laptop on my nightstand - I’m a firm believer in some form of balance. But during the day I’m all yours and I will always do my best to get things back to you as quickly as I can. 


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