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Emily Johnson Unparalleled | About Me Intro

Hello there!

I’m Emily, a behind-the-scenes internet wizard.

I specialize in transformational branding, web design, and all things within the digital realm.

My passion is providing unparalleled support to people (mostly women) who have strong messages to share and whose time is better spent building their empire, not their website.


Unparalleled Services


A well crafted brand is made up of visual elements, messages, and experiences so inline with who you are that there’s no question your brand is an extension of you. If you’re ready for that kind of alignment, I’m here to make it happen.

Web Design

A thoughtfully designed site should evoke feelings of connectedness to the person behind the business; it should offer an experience unique to the brand, and it should have a flow that creates a story while people navigate its pages. Let me create that kind of online presence for you.

Total Transformation

Maybe it was a major life event or maybe it was more of a subtle yet deep shift, but for whatever reason you and your brand don’t feel like you’re in sync anymore. I want to help you change that.

Virtual Assistance

Every now and then we all need some magic in our lives. My magic comes in the form of digital wizardry. If you’re struggling with maintaining your website, need some help creating templates in line with your brand, or would just like the comfort of having someone who knows some things sit next to you while you figure out how to use your new software, I can help. 


The Unparalleled Landing Page

Take your customer experience to the next level.


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